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The centre of the municipality of Ispaster, Elexalde dates from the 19th century, although there are traces of settlement prior to this date. The centre is built around a small rectangular plaza, with a church, a mansion and the town hall on three sides, and with the open side leading to a narrow street with its terraced housing reminiscent of a settled colony.

The rest of the population is settled in small districts of farmhouses dispersed throughout the municipality, principally organised into the Goiherri and Beherri subsections of the municipality.

Arropain: situated near the urban centre of Lekeitio.
Artikas: district widely spread out over a mountain side.
Barainka: located on the side of a hill that is connected to the municipality of Ea.
Elejalde: nucleus of Ispaster where the Town Hall and Church are located.
Gallete: located in the south side of the municipality with farmhouses of great interest.
Kurtxiaga: close to Lekeitio, bordering Mendexa and Amoroto.
Gardata: documented and continuous occupation of this district since the 15th century.
Kortazar: district dispersed throughout the valley.
Larrinaga: situated between Ogella beach and Elejalde.
Mendazona: small neighbourhood on a steep slope.
Solarte: a series of farmhouses dotting the side of Iluntzar Mountain.
Soluane: although close to the centre of Ispaster it is located on high ground.