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Of Renaissance deign, the parish church of Ispaster is shaped like a compact cube with a rectangular floor plan. This single nave building in three sections has chapels between the butresses and a three-sided octagonal apse and is covered with a ribbed vault. The side and transverse arches are all horseshoe arches. The rood screen is on ground level and rests on a diminished ashlar arch.

Four openings are found in the centre of the first sections of the naves. The main entrance is a lancet arch and is at the feet, under the tower, with a secondary entrance on the epistle side of the temple. The tower rises from the ground up with four distinct levels evident: the first and the lower one is composed of columns, allowing access; the second one, dinteled openings; the third one houses the clock, and finally, the fourth one, is where the bells are located. The church also has a porch surrounding the outside of the building.

The church houses six altarpieces, along with a pulpit on the epistle side of the church. San Miguel was built in two phases: the first, in the mid 16th century and the second, in the first quarter of the 17th century.