Walking Tours

After looking at our route on the information panel, we will leave the bus stop and head towards the frontón, or Basque pelota court. From there, we will take the uphill country road that goes uphill to Kortazar, leaving the parking area to our right. After walking a few metres, we leave the ruins of a farmhouse to our left and the paved road, and take a dirt path that goes uphill to a gravel path. Here we turn to the left and proceed upwards through planted pine trees. Around ten minutes later, at the edge of some planted eucalyptus, we will come to a path painted red and white, indicating the GR-123 (return to Biscay). We take that path going through eucalyptus, pine trees, holme oak and chestnut trees, following the sign to Zatika, until we come to the village.
When we arrive at Zatika, we pass the farmhouses to our left and go down the cement road through vegetable plots and orchards, overlooking a splendid view of Lekeitio Bay. until we come to the Lekeitio-Gernika road. We cross the road and continue our route along a paved road that goes uphill to Artika and Kurtziaga. Eventually, we will come to a sign announcing that we have arrived at Kurtziaga.
A few metres further on, we will come to a crossroads in front to the Agarre farmhouse, where we join the GR-38.1 road. We will continue straight uphill, passing two large oak trees on our left, and take the dirt trait to the right. After a few metres, we will come to two roads. We will take the uphill road to our right, entering Arrakis land, and continue our route, crossing several fences among pine, oak and chestnuttrees. following the marks made with red and yellow paint. After around thirty minutes, we will come to a crossroads from which we will see a group of farmhouses. We take the track to our left and will soon come to the Lekeitio-Gernika road.
A few metres away from that road, in the direction of Gernika, we will go downhill to our right, taking the country road towards the Txumutegi farmhouse. Next, we will pass the Axpe farmhouse on our left, a 16th century Gothic building, and turn left. After walking a few metres, we will pass the Legortza farmhouse, and then come to a road to our right, heading towards the centre in Ispaster where our route ends.