Walking Tours


The proposed itinerary begins at Town Hall, allowing a walking tour of many of these valuable sights.
Thus, the town hall was rebuilt in 1817, after being burnt down by Napoleon’s troops since it was being used as a military hospital at the time.

Mounament Walking

Following the road along towards Ea, off to the right, a local road leads us to the district of Larrinaga where one can see Arana Tower.

Travelling along a nearby footpath, and then descending, one comes to the Ispaster-Lekeitio road. Crossing that road and 300 metres ahead is the district of Aizpe, and Kaltzada House in Atxia Valley with its masonry finish. Of note is the raised granary next to the main house.

Further along, there is a group of farmhouses dating from the 16th century, of which the oldest and most interesting is Aizpe-Aurre which still has its lancet and loophole windows.

Continuing along a gravel footpath, and after passing a turn-off to the right, we come to Guenaga House. Taking a right turn and ascending, we follow the Gernika-Lekeitio road until we reach Aixeder Windmill, where we begin the descent to Ispaster. On the way, we will first pass the Gothic San Martin Hermitage and then towards Santiago Hermitage which is located on headland marking the end of our walking tour.